Blog June 4, 2012

More homeowners want automated technology

More homeowners are opting to install automated technology systems in their houses today than in years past, based on the State of the Builder Technology Market Study. Energy solutions and entertainment systems are among the most popular upgrades for new construction.

  • Energy-management solutions (e.g. automated lighting controls) – installed in 12% of new homes
  • Multi-room audio systems – installed in 23%
  • Home theatre – installed in 29%

The study indicates two key trends. Buyers seek energy-efficient homes that will save them money in the long-term. Second, they value multi-point access to entertainment throughout their domiciles.

Steve Koenig, director of industry analysis at the Consumer Electronics Association, says that the study confirms CEA’s conviction that “home technology [will] make a positive contribution to the inevitable housing market recovery as home buyers’ digital lifestyles and desires for energy efficiency factor into purchasing decisions.”