Blog July 6, 2012

One square meter of my own

What could you do with one square meter? Berlin-based architect and founder of Hartz IV Mobel, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, proposes the one-square-meter house. Le-Mentzel conceptualized what is likely the world’s smallest house from his personal experience of living some of his earlier years as a refuge who depended on social housing.

This tiny DIY home measures one square meter and flips on its side for bedtime sleeping. It is assembled from everyday materials and is fully portable. Lo-Mentzel recently said to BMW Guggenheim Lab, “I want to have my own square meter…[where] I decide what happens.”

He hopes that the house can be utilized for mobile shops or offices, providing space to individuals who need respite from their hectic environments. And for those of you who are wondering, one square meter converts to 10.7639 square feet.